Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea. The meaning of the word ‘Taekwondo’ can be broken down into three parts. (1) ‘Tae’ – to strike or break with the foot, (2) ‘kwon’ – to strike or break with the hand and (3) ‘do’ – the art or the way. Therefore, Taekwondo can be loosely translated to ‘the art of the hand and foot‘. Around the world, millions of people practice Taekwondo. There are two styles of Taekwondo, namely World Taekwondo (previously World Taekwondo Federation, or WTF) and International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). This site primarily promotes the World Taekwondo style. The sport aspect of Taekwondo (full-contact sparring) features in the Olympic Games.

The Chungdokwan was the first school (kwan) to teach what became known as Taekwondo in Korea, having been originally founded in 1944 by Grandmaster Won Kuk Lee. The term Chungdokwan stands for ‘school of the blue wave’ or ‘blue wave school’. According to the President of the Chungdokwan, Grandmaster Park Hae Man, the Chungdokwan style of Taekwondo is the same as that promoted by the Kukkiwon – the World Taekwondo Headquarters and official governing organisation of Taekwondo in Seoul, South Korea.

Taekwondo Chungdokwan Great Britain (TCGB) is a dynamic and growing association with over 40 years of experience in providing the highest quality Taekwondo training. TCGB was formed in 1982 as the sole Chungdokwan representative for Great Britain and has links with other International Chungdokwan groups in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Of particular note, TCGB has been recognised by the late Grandmaster Uhm Woon Kyu (former Chungdokwan President) and Grandmaster Park Hae Man as the official organisation of the Chungdokwan in Great Britain.

TCGB is a group member of British Taekwondo – the National Governing Body for Taekwondo in Great Britain. Over the years, numerous students have competed abroad in major competitions for TCGB in both poomsae and kyorugi – many of these students are now experienced Instructors within our organisation passing on their knowledge to the next generation of Taekwondo practitioners. All our instructors have undertaken an Instructors Course and are aware of the key issues surrounding instructing, including child protection and risk assessment. In addition, all TCGB Instructors have full indemnity insurance and have passed a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

The primary aim of TCGB is to develop a friendly association with a high technical standard in all aspects of Taekwondo. The association is open and democratic. TCGB is not dominated by one central senior instructor, but value the contribution of all our clubs and instructors. In return, members are expected to play their part in the association’s future development.

The key objectives of TCGB are as follows:

  • To promote the practice, spirit and sport of Taekwondo.
  • To strengthen and develop the practice of Taekwondo in Great Britain.
  • Unite and develop the Chungdokwan.
  • Organise, control and regulate the practice of Taekwondo within the association’s membership.
  • Affiliate to and cooperate with all relevant local, national and international statutory bodies.
  • To operate a membership register, arrange insurance and raise and administer funds as necessary.

If you are looking to train in the World Taekwondo (Kukkiwon) style of Taekwondo, we can provide you with the training needed to develop to the best of your ability in basic techniques, sparring (full-contact World Taekwondo style), poomsae and self-defence. For more information about what TCGB can offer you, email the TCGB Secretary General for an information pack (

Instructors / Clubs

TCGB can provide you with:

  • Regular kup gradings by Kukkiwon 4th Dan qualified Instructors.
  • Dan Gradings with certification through the Kukkiwon and Chungdokwan in Korea.
  • Training through the association with some of the most senior World Taekwondo Instructors, such as Grandmaster Park Hae Man of Chungdokwan, Korea.
  • Seminars and the annual TCGB National Championships.
  • An open and democratic organisation where your opinion will be heard.
  • Group membership to British Taekwondo and access to all their events.
  • Membership of the official Chungdokwan organisation in Great Britain.

Being an open and democratic organisation, we value the opinions of all our Instructors and members highly. Every Instructor is expected to play their part in the further development of the Chungdokwan in Great Britain. An information pack is available for Instructors interested in joining the association. Please Contact the TCGB Secretary General to request a copy.


TCGB can provide you with:

  • Kup/Dan Gradings and seminars.
  • Access to many senior Dan Grade Instructors.
  • Tournaments, both sparring and poomsae.
  • Group membership and insurance through British Taekwondo.

TCGB aim to develop all our students to their maximum potential, regardless of their age, gender or natural ability. If you would like more information about your nearest club please check out our Clubs page. If there are no Taekwondo clubs listed in your area, please get in Contact with us about what TCGB still has to offer. Also, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.